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Wild Bird Supplies

VetUK’s Recommended Bird Food

VetUK Wild Bird Foods are a range of nuts, seeds and mixes specially blended to look after your garden birds all year round. Our straight nuts and seeds include sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts and peanuts which are all excellent sources of energy and also provide oils to help keep birds in peak condition. Our seed mixes feature a general seed mix and the more specific no added wheat and less mess high energy foods which not only offer the birds a diet high in essential fats but they also cause less mess in your garden too.

Offering food for wild birds will help keep them healthy during harsh weather conditions when natural food isn’t as readily available and will also keep them well fed for the breeding and chick rearing season when extra food will be much needed. VetUK Wild Bird Foods can be offered in feeder, on tables or scattered in the garden and are guaranteed to keep birds flocking.

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