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Royal Canin Sensitivity Control Feline Pouches 12 x100g

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Manufacturer: Royal Canin



Royal Canin Sensitivity Control Feline chicken and Rice Pouches are a highly digestible, hypoallergenic diet for kittens & cats.

The diet has been formulated to assist in the management of dietary hypersensitivity and dietary intolerance. It is also suitable for the management of some types of diarrhoea as it has been clinically proven to be effective in the dietary management of idiopathic chronic colitis, atopic dermatitis and acute gastroenteritis.

Sensitivity Control restricts the protein sources to chicken which is seldom associated with food sensitivity in the cat. In addition it is highly digestible and lactose & wheat gluten free. Finally it is enriched with antioxidants.

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Mary Cockcroft

We have a 15 year old Ragdoll that has Irritable Bowel Disease. She developed this disease along with a thyroid condition that caused severe diarrhea. After having one thyroid gland removed, she improved but her gut was so damaged by nearly a year with the diarrhea problem that no food we found seemed to work until we found the RC Sensitivity Control Alutray Duck (which is no longer produced) and she seemed to normalise for over a year. Last year something set her gut off again and, after months of trial and error, she is having chemotherapy along with the RC Sensitivity Control Feline Pouches. Amazingly, her gut has normalised and she is a happy kitty once again. Yes, it is expensive to buy at three pouches a day... Nevertheless, it is the ONLY cat food we have found that doesn't exacerbate the IBD for her and she is now thriving on it! If it helps our old girl to have a better quality of life, it's worth every pence! I highly recommend the RC Sensitivity Control Feline Pouches for any cat who is suffering with this horribly debilitating disease. I know it has done wonders for Razzie!

Alison Anderson

I keep a box of these in the cupboard for those times when the cats get a bit of a dicky tummy, it is tasty but very plain ingredients so it seems to help settle their tummies without any further trauma! I would recommend getting a box for all those 'just in case' times even if it's not one you want to feed permanently.

Tanya Bishop

My cats love this food. My older cat has a sensitivity issue and cannot eat other foods. He eats this and has no problems.

Sharon Gilks

I purchased this food when my 16 cat had a upset stomach. I found it to be brilliant and settled his stomach in no time. On the plus side he loved the taste so I continue to buy it for him.

Hillview Boarding Cattery

Excellent food, we have a boarding cattery and one of our regular boarders has IBS, this is the only food he can tolerate.

Janet Mahoney

My cat was also diagnosed with IBS this is the only food he can tolerate from pouches.Thank goodness.