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Pet Dental Care

VetUK’s Recommended Dental Care

The CET range of dental care is great for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

The CET Veterinary Toothpaste is mildly abrasive and contains CET Dual Enzyme System which is designed to inhibit plaque-forming bacteria.

Veggie Dent CET Chews are all natural, all vegetable and highly palatable and will be enjoyed by your pet. Regular chewing of Veggie Dent CET Chews can help to keep teeth clean and promote gum health.

Caring for your dog teeth or cats dental health is a serious business, even more so if you feed wet food. The problem is simply, how many times a day do you brush your teeth and how many times a day do you brush your dogs teeth ? Then imagine what your teeth would look like after a few months or years without brushing ....

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Diet can be a major factor in the development of plaque and tartar. Dry food, biscuits and abrasive diets can aid the removal of plaque; take a look at the PetUK range of dry dog food. On the other hand, canned foods may contribute to plaque build-up and subsequent periodontal disease. Combine good food with specially treated chews in addition to toothbrushing all of which are helpful in caring for your pet's teeth.

Introducing teeth brushing into your pet’s routine, restrain your pet by gently holding it around the muzzle.  Lift the lip to expose the teeth. 
Day 1  Gently stroke the outside of your pet’s cheeks with your finger only (no brush) and slowly lift the lip for about 30 seconds. Give your pet praise and a small treat at the end of every day’s session.     
Day 2  Repeat as above and also place a small amount of toothpaste on the end of your finger and let your pet sample it. 
Day 3  As day 2, but this time gently run your finger or finger toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste over your pet’s teeth for 30 - 45 seconds. 
Day 4  As day 3, adding 15 seconds time to running your finger or finger toothbrush over your pet’s teeth. 
Day 5  If all is going well run your finger over the teeth for 30 seconds and then gently insert the toothbrush and again run over the teeth for 30 seconds. 
Day 6  As day 5 but increase the time by 30 seconds. 
Day 7  By now you should be aiming to spend at least one minute on each side of the mouth. 

Be patient and take time with the process or else your pet will resist. Always praise your pet. Praising will make them more receptive. Remember to always put a small amount of animal toothpaste on your finger or toothbrush. Your pet will like the taste and will associate it, the praise and the treats with toothbrushing.  Note that human toothpaste is for humans and not for pets. If your pet shows any sign of aggression stop immediately.