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Horse Wormers

Buying good Horse Wormers is not something that can be compromised; prevention is easier and cheaper than the cure as any Vet will tell you. Horse wormers should be used in a responsible way.

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Some horse worms can have a huge impact on your horse’s health. Encysted small redworm larvae and tapeworms are two parasite infestations which can require veterinary intervention and treatment: treatment which can run into thousands of pounds. Small redworm are the most common and harmful parasite to affect your horse today, over 90% of which can be encysted in your horse’s gut wall.  Killing these encysted larvae in the late autumn and early spring, before they emerge and cause potentially fatal intestinal damage is an important part of any worm control programme.

Experts estimate that the horse tapeworm (cestodes) infections are being under diagnosed and that up to 2 out 3 horses  in the UK have some level of tapeworm infestation. Tapeworms are responsible for a number of health related problems in horses, ranging from loss of performance and hair loss to diarrhoea, colic, and painful, potentially fatal perforation of the intestine.