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Joint Supplements

Joint supplements are invaluable for dealing with arthritis and other joint ailments. They can treat and prevent these conditions so that your pet's quality of life is not compromised. Joint supplements have been proven to be effective on countless occasions and your pet won't mind eating these flavoursome supplements.

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Thanks to better medicines and pet foods, pets are living longer. But as pets get older they can become arthritic – which can be very upsetting for the owner. The good news is that there are now some great medicines to help older cats and dogs with chronic pain. They are quite safe, and can help to make your pet’s twilight years much more comfortable and pleasant, but your first priority should be to limit the need for drugs by adjusting your pet’s lifestyle.

You should try to limit your pet’s need for medications by ensuring that its joints are not overworked by carrying too much weight or engaging in over-eager exercise. Too much exercise can be bad for an old dog – some dogs are so eager to please their masters that they will literally play fetch or walk until they drop. Bear this in mind and help your aging pet to get exercise, but take things easy – or you could put your dog into “super-sore” mode. Swimming is an ideal exercise for aging arthritic dogs as it allows the muscles to get a work-out without putting weight on the joints.