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Adaptil Collar Large (Dog Appeasing Pheromone DAP Collar)

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Manufacturer: Ceva



Adaptil Collar Large (Dog Appeasing Pheromone DAP Collar) for dogs relieves stress in your dog.

D.A.P. is an effective natural way to help your dog cope with new and fearful situations. Always stays with your dog and lasts up to 4 weeks.

The DAP collar is useful for the introduction of new puppy, puppy socialization, going on walks, boarding and grooming, thunderstorm season, fireworks and gunshots and fear of travelling.

Help prevent behaviour problems, facilitate learning and training, make travelling more comfortable, facilitate socialization, especially in puppy classes and help calm animals in hospital & boarding kennels.

Large collar fits necks up to 25 inches.

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Amy Cockcroft

This seems to do exactly what it says it does - I have a 12 year old golden retiever which has developed a lot of heart problems and has become scared of fireworks / guns or really any loud noises - this collar means normal life can resume with out her being worried.

Allison Charles

My collie/whippet Molly is petrified of fireworks, she's had this collar on for 2 days and is totally relaxed with all the fireworks going off tonight! Best thing I've ever bought

Jill Thoroughgood

I purchased the Adaptil collar as my staff gets very stressed this time of year when going for walks even during the day. In the 2 days of wearing the collar she is so much calmer. No pulling the lead to go back home and a lot less scared of loud noises. A very good product.

Nicola Allan

I bought Adaptil for my 7yr old lurcher who has everyday anxiety, she can be happy one minute then shaking or going in to shut down the next, usually noise or air pressure sensitive, won't eat after thunderstorm, or won't get in and out of car because she can hear the rubbish truck the other side of the village, things like that . I didn't have much faith, but after about a week she seemed a bit calmer, it doesn't stop her "episodes", but it helps her to snap out of it quicker, I can get her to move and eat so it seems to level her out and make her recovery easier

Pia Kau

I used Adaptil on my old german shepherd because he had become nervous around new year because of all the fireworks. After he got this collar he is a lot calmer and a lot less stresssed, so a great product.