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Cat Toys

The products in this range of cat toys are fun, exciting and durable and your cat will be kept entertained for hours! Included in this range of cat toys are; ball toys, play tunnels, scratching posts, stick teasers, treat balls, interactive toys, soft cat toys and cat nip toys. Playing with your cat using one of these cat toys is a great way to improve the bond you share with your pet.

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Cats and owners love playing together with their toys, it’s human and feline nature and part of forming a close bond with your cat. Here at VetUK we have toys suitable for cats of all dispositions, from the nervous to the outgoing and boisterous. By choosing the right cat play toys, from all of those on offer at VetUK you can enhance your relationship with your cat. Some cats prefer delicate fluffy toys, perhaps a cat stick teaser or p;ush toy for you to dangle whilst they chase and others prefer the rough and tumble of a rustling bed, cat activity centre or a place to play hide and seek. At VetUK we also stock high tech laser cat toys for the up to date feline; these require less owner input and make a great choice for those with more limited time or mobility. VetUK is keen to offer something for every cat and every budget so we are certain that you will find something to suit yours and your cats requirements.