VetUK Veterinary Diet Canine Sensitivity Ultra

Manufacturer: VetUK

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VetUK Veterinary Diet Canine Sensitivity Ultra is a multi-effective hypoallergenic dietary food for dogs.

Developed with hydrolysed proteins from fish, soy and chicken, the food is highly digestible and helps to prevent allergic reactions of the immune system.

The food is also rich in essential fatty acids and enriched with borage to help promote the healing process in infections, whilst maintaining a healthy skin and a glossy coat.

VetUK Veterinary Diet Sensitivity Ultra should be gradually mixed in with your dog's current food in increasing amounts for a maximum of 2 months in cases of dermatosis and hair loss, or a maximum of 6 months in the case of chronic heart failure.

In cases of food allergy and intolerance, the food should be used for 3 to 8 weeks and once the symptoms of intolerance have gone, it can be can be used for life as a complete dietary food.

Nutrition (Per Day)
Weight (kg)
Grams Per Day
5 95 115
10 160 190
20 250 305
30 350 430
40 440 535
50 520 630
60 590 725

Cereals (rice), Oils and Fats (fish oil, poultry fat, linseed oil, beef fat, borage-oil), Fish and Fish Derivatives (fish hydrolysate), Vegetable Protein Extracts (soy hydrolysate), Derivates of Vegetable Origin (potato, beet pulp), Minerals, Meat and Animal Derivatives (hydrolysed chicken liver)

Typical Analysis:
Protein 22%, Fat 15%, Inorganic Substance 5.8%, Crude Fibre 4.5%, Moisture 8%, Carbohydrates 44.7%