VetUK Veterinary Diet Feline Obesity and Diabetic Health 2kg

Manufacturer: VetUK


VetUK Veterinary Diet Feline Obesity and Diabetic Health is a complete dietary food for adult cats to reduce excessive bodyweight and regulate the supply of glucose.

Formulated with a low calorie composition and a high fibre content, the food reduces your cat's feeling of hunger while leaving them satisfied and full of energy.

The food also ensures a gradual supply of glucose after each meal by slowing the uptake of carbohydrates into your cat's system.

VetUK Veterinary Diet Obesity and Diabetic Health should be gradually mixed in with your cat's current food in increasing amounts and should be used until the desired body weight is reached. For diabetic cats, the food should be distributed over 3 to 5 portions a day to minimise blood glucose fluctuations.

After this period, the food can be used for life as a complete dietary food.

Nutrition (Per Day)
  15-30% Overweight> 30% Overweight
Grams Per DayGrams Per Day
2 25 35 35 40
3 35 40 40 50
4 40 50 50 60
5 50 60 60 70
6 55 65 65 80
7 60 70 70 85
8 65 75 75 90
9 70 80 80 95

Cereals (rice, corn), Meat and Animal Derivatives (chicken), Vegetable Protein Extracts (corn gluten), Fish and Fish Derivatives, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (cellulose), Minerals, Oils and Fats (fish oil), Egg and Egg Products, Yeast

Typical Analysis:
Protein 36%, Fat 8.5%, Inorganic Substance 7%, Crude Fibre 4.5%, Moisture 8%, Carbohydrates 36%

Not suitable for: Kittens