VetUK Veterinary Diet Canine Dental Health

Manufacturer: VetUK

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VetUK Veterinary Diet Canine Dental Health is a complete balanced diet for adult dogs for the reduction of dental plaque and tartar.

Formulated with active ingredients to increase breath freshness, the unique kibble structure of the food scours teeth and helps to reduce formation of dental plaque on the teeth's surface.

The removal of the plaque in this fashion reduces mineralisation of the plaque to tartar, thereby reducing the risk of gum disease, teeth staining and bad breath.

VetUK Veterinary Diet Dental Health should be gradually mixed in with your dog's current food in increasing amounts and can be used for life as a complete dietary food.

Nutrition (Per Day)
Weight (kg)
Grams Per Day
5 95 120
10 165 200
20 260 320
30 365 450
40 455 555
50 540 655
60 615 755

Cereals (corn, barley), Meat and Animal Derivatives (chicken, pork, beef), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (potato, beet pulp, cellulose), Oils and Fats (poultry fat, beef fat), Yeast, Seeds (linseed), Minerals, Sugar, Milk and Milk Derivatives

Typical Analysis:
Protein 22%, Fat 14%, Inorganic Substance 5%, Crude Fibre 7.7%, Moisture 8%, Carbohydrates 43.3%

Not suitable for: Puppies, pregnant and lactating bitches, and dogs that require professional dental care.