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VetUK Skin Supplement for Cats and Dogs 45 Capsules

VetUK Skin Supplement for Cats and Dogs is a complementary veterinary supplement developed to help your pet maintain healthy skin and a glossy coat. High in Omega 3 fish oil and essential... [More info]

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VetUK ProTreat Skin and Coat Dog 60 Chews

ProTreat Skin and Coat Dog Chews from VetUK are a nutritional supplement to help promote healthy skin, a shiny glossy coat and a healthy heart. Made with high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids... [More info]

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VetUK Skin Supplement Liquid for Cats and Dogs 100ml

VetUK Skin Supplement Liquid is a complementary supplement for both cats and dogs to aid them in promoting and maintaining a healthy skin and coat. Developed with high levels of Omega 3... [More info]

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Viacutan Plus 95ml EFA Liquid Pump

Viacutan Plus Liquid Pump contains Essential fatty acids, nutrients which cannot be made in the body and have to be provided in the diet. They are essential for the formation of new cells... [More info]

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Viacutan Plus Capsules 550mg EFA

Viacutan Plus capsules are an essential fatty acid feed supplement with natural antioxidants for dogs and cats. Viacutan Plus will improves the condition of the coat and skin of your pet as... [More info]

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Complederm 5 1 Liquid EFA Supplement 250ml Bottle

Complederm 5:1 is a palatable nutritional supplement for dogs and cats with a biologically balanced formulation of essential fatty acids, co-factors (minerals and vitamins), including zinc.... [More info]

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Efavet 100 Capsules

Efavet Capsules contains balanced levels of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) provided by a combination of Evening Primrose Oil and Fish Oil. Effective in the treatment of dermatitis, an aid in... [More info]

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Dermocanis High GLA Shampoo 250ml Bottle

Dermocanis shampoo contains borage oil which contains high concentrations of the essential fatty acid Gamma Linoleic Acid which aids the maintenance of normal healthy skin. Dermocanis is... [More info]

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Vetzyme Conditioning Tablets for Dogs

Vetzyme Conditioning Tablets are used for Health and Vitality. They are ideal as a Healthy Treat and c omplements all dogs diets. These tasty yeast tablets contain vitamins and... [More info]

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Coatex EFA Liquid Pump

Coatex EFA Liquid Pump is a balanced blend of essential oils that have been identified as being essential for maintaining a healthy skin and coat condition in dogs and cats. Helpful in... [More info]

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Efavet Regular EFA 250 Capsules

Efavet regular, top quality veterinary EFA`s for the continued dietary supplementation of dogs and cats after an initial period on Efavet 330 or Efavet 660 or as a stand alone... [More info]

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Allerderm Spot On

Allerderm Spot ON is an easy to use topical product thats proven to help restore the epidermis in dogs and cats suffering from skin problems. It will help restore the lipid layer by filling... [More info]

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Coatex Capules for Dogs

Coatex Capules for Dogs have been formulated as a feed supplement to treat the problem of dry scaly, itchy skin in cats and dogs. Blended using a balance of vitamins, essential oils... [More info]

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Caniglo Liquid Supplement for Dogs 500ml

Caniglo Liquid Supplement for Dogs 500ml is a feeding supplement that is essential to your dog's diet for supporting a healthy skin and coat condition. Formulated with fatty acids, Omega 3,... [More info]

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Mirracoat Nutritional Supplement for Dogs 454g

Mirracoat Nutritional Supplement for Dogs 454g is a scientifically formulated blend of essential fatty acids and vitamins that helps to restore your pet's skin and coat to a good healthy... [More info]

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