Fortiflex Advance 525 30 Tablets

Manufacturer: Virbac


Fortiflex advance Tablets arenutritional supplement tablets to help maintain healthy joints. 

Dose 1 Tablet per 15-25 kg for up to 2 months. 

Available in the following doses:

225 - contain 225mg chondroitin and 225mg Chitosan plus 37mg Green Tea extract

375 - contain 375mg chondroitin and 375mg Chitosan plus 37mg Green Tea extract

525 - contain 525mg chondroitin and 525mg Chitosan plus 37mg Green Tea extract.


You have printed my last review but i am writing again to commend you on the greatest product on the market Many thanks Annette Shmeizer

Review by Annette Shmeizer


Fortiflex 525 is a fantastic product & i recommed it anybody that has an aged dog My dog had a back problem & a piece of bone broke off on her spine Fortiflex helped the bone to regrow Thank you

Review by Annette Shmeizer