Arthri Aid Omega Canine Feline Liquid

Manufacturer: Nutriscience

From 18.72

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Arthri Aid Omega Canine Feline Liquid contains Glucosamine and MSM to help maintain joint mobility. Suitable for dogs and cats.

Unique Features: Clinically proven, Highest strength Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM liquid product on the market, Uniquely formulated with M.S.M, Convenient 'user friendly' liquid.

Provides 600mg glucosamine for each 5ml of Arthri Aid plus 240mg chondroitin and 50 mg Vitamin C.

Usage Guide: For animals up to 40kg - Use 0.5ml of Arthri Aid per kilogram of bodyweight per day. Do not exceed 15ml per day. For animals over 40kg - Use 15ml per day.


my 11 year old dogs discs have been damaged and tried steroids and pain relief. he was in so much pain in the mornings and struggled to get up.The Vets discussed putting him to sleep. this product was my last resort,i have been giving him ArthriAid for 1year now and he is in no more pain and can actually climb the steps, which i thought would never be possible. This product saved my dogs life and would recommend it to everyone. PLEASE try it,its worth every penny. Thank you ArthriAid for saving my dogs life.

Review by Harvinder Kaur


Absolutely brilliant. Natural. Liquid based. Can be squirted onto food. Dog loves the taste. Dosage can be reduced when neccessary. Within days of starting could see an improvement in 12 year old dog's movement.

Review by Mary Kennedy