Digestion Aids for Dogs

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VetUK Probiotic Kolin Paste

VetUK Probiotic Kolin Paste is a palatable paste for use in cases of digestive upset or diarrhoea. Supplied in a user-friendly calibrated syringe for easy oral administration, VetUK... [More info]

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Protexin Prokolin+ Antidiarrhoeal Probiotic Paste

Protexin Prokolin+ Antidiarrhoeal Probiotic Paste is a palatable probiotic paste containing kaolin and pectin, supplied in an easy to use calibrated syringe. Protexin Pro kolin contains... [More info]

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Protexin ProFibre for Dogs Cats 500g Pot

Protexin Pro fibre is a pelleted product for addition to the daily food of dogs & cats. Protexin Profibre contains fibre from several sources. Many modern dog or cat foods and methods... [More info]

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Canikur Anti Diarrhoeal Tablets for Dogs

Canikur anti Diarrhoeal Tablets are a palatable and very effective anti-diarrhoea treatment. Use during a digestive upset (diarrhoea) or to maintain normal digestive function (chronic loose... [More info]

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Peridale Granules for Dogs 175g

Peridale Granules for Dogs is a bulking agent for the control of stool consistency in dogs, peridale granules can be used in cats though you will need to halve dose rate. Peridale Granules... [More info]

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Canikur Pro Paste for Dogs

Canikur® Pro Paste for Dogs contains three ingredients including both probiotics and prebiotics, that work together to support your dog's gut function. BioMos®-C   - A... [More info]

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Protexin Bio Premium Companion Animals Dogs 450g

Protexin Bio Premium Companion acts to re-establish a healthy gut microflora and aid digestion with the inclusion of Beta gluconase and xylanase. The beneficial pre biotic micro organisms... [More info]

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Protexin Companion Animal Pro Soluble for Dogs 150g

Protexin Companion animal Pro Soluble for Dogs is a soluble supplement to encourage normal digestive function, specifically for animals where long term use is indicated. Containing... [More info]

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VetIQ Stool Repel 30 Tablets for Cats and Dogs

VetIQ Stool Repel 30 Tablets for Cats and Dogs help deter your dog from eating their own stools. It is suitable for both puppies and dogs and comes in a palatable chicken liver... [More info]

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Kaogel VP Veterinary Kaolin Suspension 480ml

Kaogel VP Veterinary Kaolin Suspension Bottle is for the treatment of diarrhoea of non-specific origins in cats and dogs. Contains 1.03g Kaolin Light BP per 5ml   Dosage:... [More info]

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VetIQ Stool Firm 45 Tablets

VetIQ Stool Firm 45 Tablets have been specially formulated with a unique blend of Pectin and Pumpkin which help to increase stool firmness in both dogs and puppies over the age of 8 weeks.... [More info]

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Welpi Puppy Milk Substitute

Welpi Puppy Milk Substitute was developed especially for dogs and claimed to be the closest equivalent to bitches milk. Welpi can be used as a dietary supplement during pregnancy,... [More info]

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FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Complement For Dogs and Puppies

FortiFlora Canine Nutritional Complement for Dogs and puppies helps support intestinal health and balance. Purina Veterinary Diets FortiFlora is a unique supplement that contains live... [More info]

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Colaid Digestion Support Capsules for Dogs (Pot of 90)

Colaid Digestion Support Capsules for Dogs is designed to help maintain a healthy intestinal tract.  A combination formula which supplements the proper bile salts to normalize the... [More info]

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Logic Diar-Stop Cat Dog Anti Diarrhoea Oral Paste

Logic Diar-Stop Cat Dog Anti Diarrhoea Oral Paste has the same ingredients as the original Diarsanyl product (montmorillonite, electrolytes and dextrose) but now also contains prebiotics... [More info]

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