Adaptil Collar Large (Dog Appeasing Pheromone DAP Collar)

Manufacturer: CEVA

19.32 each for 2 or moreor 21.47 for one

Adaptil Collar Large (Dog Appeasing Pheromone DAP Collar) for dogs relieves stress in your dog.

D.A.P. is an effective natural way to help your dog cope with new and fearful situations. Always stays with your dog and lasts up to 4 weeks.

The DAP collar is useful for the introduction of new puppy, puppy socialization, going on walks, boarding and grooming, thunderstorm season, fireworks and gunshots and fear of travelling.

Help prevent behaviour problems, facilitate learning and training, make travelling more comfortable, facilitate socialization, especially in puppy classes and help calm animals in hospital & boarding kennels.

Large collar fits necks up to 25 inches.


ADaptil, Feliway or DAP collar - used for our rescue dogs. It was good but the plugin and spray were better. The reason being that the collar needs to be worn next to the dog's skin so that the pheromone can be absorbed. The downside of this being that one cannot attach a lead to a DAP collar, so in order to attach the dog to a lead for exercise or to keep the dog secure, another collar with attachments for leads ect needs to be put on the dog's neck. The two collars then chafe together which the dog finds irritating, he/she then frantically scratches trying to remove it injuring it's skin. Therefore more stress is creted not less! Of course the dog can be fitted with a harness or a halter if it can tolerate wearing it, not all can. A better option we found was the plug in DAP which although odourless to humans is very effective for the dog and calms them quite quickly even through the inevitable noise created by others in the neighbourhood or event from fireworks on celebration events such as new years eve, The dogs stayed calm with the DAP plugin near their beds and totally ignored the noise sleeping right through it!. Your rescue dog may have never been transported in a vehicle before and even when crated or fitted into a car harness, the dog may howl at the very least and in our experience vomiting and going to the toilet also spraying and everything in the car including ourselves got covered in faeces from the frightened dog!- So for peace of mind and without needing to valet the car afterwards for the neccessary journey to the vet for a health check and or vaccinations we discovered the DAP SPRAY is invaluable!. Simply lightly spray the product -with the windows and vents shut- on the upholstery (or on a cloth hung from a hanger/handle if the interior is leather) before you plan to place the dog in the vehicle. Result: a very calm dog and a hassle free journey for both owner and pet and a clean vehicle!. We highly Recommend 100% ADAPTIL/DAP for its excellent calming and pleasing effects on all four of our dogs. We now have 4 well adjusted happy dogs.

Review by Sarah Micklefield