Specific Senior Feline FGD Cat Dry

Manufacturer: Dechra

From 10.21

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Specific Senior Feline FGD Cat Dry has been expertly developed to meet the specific nutritional requirements of mature cats so as to promote mobility, kidney health, urinary tract health and over all condition in later life.

A regulated protein content and moderately reduced level of phosphorus and sodium dramatically reduce the workload of the kidneys in senior cats.

The omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are known for their beneficial effects on the skin, coat and joints. These essential fatty acids have also shown to benefit renal function, blood pressure, and blood lipids.

The reduced level of protein and sodium, alongside a urine pH of 6.6 discourage the formation of calcium oxalate so as to support a healthy urinary tract.

Specific Senior Feline FGD Cat Dry also contains yucca extract which greatly reduces the unpleasant smells often associated with cat faeces.