Site Information

Site information

The medicines available on this site are regulated by UK legislation and are available only to individuals who are owners or carers of animals. Failure to adhere to this may lead to criminal prosecution. In turn, false orders and attempts to deceive will be reported to the authorities.

Searching for a product

At Nutrecare we want you to find your products in as few clicks as possible. The site has been divided into various different categories to help you discover the perfect products for you. The main menu is always visible on the left-hand side of your screen to allow you to move easily from product to product.  Each category has a sub category, each with a portfolio of products for you to browse through.  There is also a quick search facility in the top left- hand corner of your screen where you can search using any word.
If your first search is unsuccessful, try using just one or two keywords. For example, if you searched for "Equest Wormer" without results, try typing just "Equest"; then locate the specific item you want among the retrieved results.

How to get further product information

The majority of our products have an accurate image, and while we know appearance isn’t everything, these can be a reliable indication of quality.  Once a portfolio of products has appeared on the screen, click on an image to view details about the product and you will have the option of adding it to your shopping basket

Shopping basket

When you have located the products that you wish to purchase, they can be added to your shopping basket, which can be viewed at any time during your time on the website. Add a product to your shopping cart by clicking "Add" located next to each product. To buy multiple quantities of an item in your shopping cart, click the "Basket" button at the top of every page and increase the number in the appropriate "Quantity" box, then simply press the "update basket" button or press the "Return/Enter" key on your keyboard.
You can change your mind about the products you want at any point until your credit card details have been entered and you have confirmed you wish to make the purchase.

The shopping basket icon shows you exactly which products you have selected to purchase and the total cost of all these items including delivery. It also provides the option to proceed to the checkout.

Removing Items From Your Cart

To remove an item from your shopping cart, click the "Remove" button located next to the appropriate product. When you delete an item, its price is automatically deducted from your total cost.


When you have chosen all your products, Click on "View Basket" at the top of every page, then click "Go to Checkout" to purchase the items in your basket. Please read and confirm our terms and conditions before proceeding with payment.

Once you have proceeded to the checkout, you will see notification that you are entering a secure server.

We hope that you will enjoy your experience at and will want to re-visit us again and again.