Purina CN Cat and Dog Food Tins

Manufacturer: Nestle Purina PetCare


Purina Veterinary Diet CN Canine Feline 24x195g Tins.

Complete dietetic food designed for nutritional restoration and convalescence in adult cats and dogs. 

It provides a high energy density and contains high concentrations of essential nutrients and highly digestible ingredients.


My cat Spoof recently went through surgery. I did not like to see her suffer and I just wanted to help. A friend of mine recommended looking at the Purina range in the knowledge that they would have a formula that would be good for Spoof. I did a little research and found the Diet CN product. I then asked my vet to see what he siad, he agreed the Purina Veterinary Diet CN would help. Needless to say that the decision was really good because it helped her go through the recovery period. I would advise anyone to speak to their vet just to make sute you choose the right one.

Review by Kevin Jacob