Why do dogs bite themselves?

All dogs certainly bite themselves from time to time as a way of coping with their itching problems. When this biting habit becomes excessive then certainly there is something wrong with your dog most especially when biting already becomes harmful. 

The excessive biting may also lead to rash development but most often this may bring about to the occurrence of painful sores. When this problem continues, hairless swelling will appear (lick granuloma). Immediate vet attention is needed for your pet dog when this happens.

The common causes of these biting incidents are ticks and flea infestations. In most cases, it will certainly take a large number of fleas to invade your dog’s skin before you start noticing it. Fleas and ticks may cause your dog to keep biting itself and at times may cause diseases that give rashes to the dog. Well, these fleas and ticks can be removed with the use of Frontline flea treatment and the right dog shampoos or cleaners. Try to use products that eliminate both fleas and ticks from your dog when cleaning or bathing your dog.

In addition, when the anal glands become overfilled this problem may arise. This usually leads to biting episodes of the rear ends like the flank, hind legs and tail base.

Allergies and irritations are also some of the other causes of excessive biting but in most cases these problems can be dealt with. If your dog is allergic to certain plants in your garden, you may need to eliminate these allergic plants. Your dog is not human; hence he may continue to brush himself against those plants even if you tell him not to do so. You can also get an anti allergy tablet for your dog to help him cope with the allergy.

Depression is another cause of excessive biting in any dog species. Some dogs, when depressed, find something to do or begin to overdo some habits. When the dog feels an itchy spot, and at the same time depressed, he will begin to bite that area excessively. He can obviously hurt himself in the process. This excessive biting may lead to infections and undesirable wounds that need your immediate attention. Thus, you must get rid of all problems or factors that lead to depression in dogs. The well known factors that often lead to such include imbalances in: care, food, play and love. Dogs need to be shown that they are welcome so make sure they feel at home always.

Boredom will also lead to excessive biting if the dog begins to feel and itch anywhere. Sometimes it will become a habit and thus some spots will continue to occasionally irritate the dog when beaten.

All in all, if your dog starts to bite himself in a way that is not normal, you may need to pay more attention to the dog. Usually, taking him to the vet will be the sole best solution. For best dog care, try to take your dog to the vet for regular health checkups often.


This pet health article is for reference only.

If your pet is showing any symptoms or distress, and you suspect your pet is ill CONTACT YOUR VET IMMEDIATELY.