Nose Bleeds

Nose bleeds can be caused by trauma, bleeding disorders, infections, tumours and foreign bodies (‘strange’ objects, like for instance grass seeds) or it can be a sign of bleeding from further down in the airways, for instance from the windpipe or even the lungs.

Bleeding can occur through one nostril only or from both sides. Nose bleeds often appear much worse than they are, as the cat will normally sneeze and shake its head, thereby spreading the blood around. Cats rarely lose enough blood to really make an impact on the total amount of blood in the body.

In most cases light pressure with some cold and wet cotton wool will stop the bleeding, at least temporarily, but in all cases it is advisable to have your cat examined by your vet, as the different reasons for the blood loss through the nose require different treatments.


This pet health article is for reference only.

If your pet is showing any symptoms or distress, and you suspect your pet is ill CONTACT YOUR VET IMMEDIATELY.