Johnson's Flea Powder

Johnson's Flea Powder is incredibly easy to use and produces fantastic results. Fleas do not only live within your pets coat but can also be found in carpets, pet bedding and elsewhere around the home. Tackle this problem using Johnson's Flea Powder.

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Johnson's 4Fleas Powder for Cats and Dogs 85g (Permethrin)

Johnson's 4Fleas Powder for Cats and Dogs contains the powerful insect repellent permethrin, protecting your pet from fleas, lice and mites. This effective, insecticidal flea treatment... [More info]

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Johnson's Carpet Flea Guard

Johnson's Carpet Flea Guard is an effective insecticide, killing fleas and their larvae, allowing you to keep your home and furnishings free from any infestation. Fleas can not only live... [More info]

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