Horse Hoof Care

Horse hoof care products such as Bio Trition, Twydil hoof care, hoof power plus and other hoof product are available at low prices and with fast delivery from Nutrecare.

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Farriers Formula 5Kg Refill

Farriers Formula furnishes all the nutrients to be deficient if there is a problem with hoof growth and or hoof quality. Over 25 years of equine nutritional research, clinical trials and... [More info]

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Lamigard Supplement for Horses

Lamigard Supplement for Horses is a highly effective nutritional support for horses and ponies that are prone to Laminitis. Laminitis is the number one cause for lameness and disability in... [More info]

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Hoof Powder Plus Supplement for Horses 908g

Equine America Hoof Powder Plus is a bio-tin rich complementary feeding supplement for horses, expertly developed to stimulate healthy growth in hooves. This daily supplement is... [More info]

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NAF PROFEET Rock Hard 250ml

NAF Pro Feet Rock Hard Hoof Care for Horses has been specially formulated with sulphur, to protect fragile hooves as well as strengthen soft soles and disinfect frogs, pre disposed to... [More info]

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NAF Hoof and Sole 1 Litre

NAF Hoof and Sole can be applied daily to fragile hooves to reduce cracking and splitting, harden soft soles and disinfect frogs that are prone to infection. Instructions: Wash and dry... [More info]

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Barrier Fungicidal Hoof Oil for Horses 500ml

Barrier Fungicidal Hoof Oil for Horses is a premium, all year round hoof oil, ideal for the complete maintenance of healthy feet.   The anti-fungal properties of Barrier Fungicidal... [More info]

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Joseph Lyddy Stockholm Tar for Horses

Joseph Lyddy Stockholm Tar for Horses is highly successful in the treatment of split hooves, heals, corns and quarter cracks. Guaranteed to contain only the purest of ingredients, this... [More info]

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Twydil Hoof Care 500g

Twydil Hoof Care encourages the accelerated growth of strong hooves and healthy, supple skin. This brilliant formula can be used to treat dry, cracking hooves as well as saddle sores and... [More info]

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