Hills Prescription Diet CD Adult Cat Food (Chicken)

Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food

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Hills Prescription Diet CD Multicare Adult Cat Food (Chicken) is for the nutritional management of pets with urinary tract disease associated with struvite crystals.

Urinary tract disease is associated with the build-up of crystals and stones in the urine which can cause painful and bloody urination and potential block the urethra.

One type of crystal that forms in the urinary tract is called struvite; Hills C/D multicare Chicken was formulated specifically to provide nutritional management for pets with struvite crystals & related urinary tract disease.

Struvite forms in response to urine saturated with magnesium, ammonium and phosphorus, as well as an alkaline (basic) urinary pH.

Please note this product is categorised as a "Prescription Diet" and as such only use in conjunction with the advice and recommendation of a veterinary surgeon regarding the usage of this product. However, an actual written prescription from your vet is not required to order these products.

By placing an order, you confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the above. Seek immediate veterinary advice should your pet's condition deteriorate in any way whilst using this product.


My cat was diagnosed with FLUTD last year, and ever since I have been buying this food to help with his condition. He is normally very fussy with his food, but he loves these chicken flavoured biscuits! Also, he has not had any health problems since. The price is very reasonable, and it is great that I can get them delivered so quickly from the site. Great product and great service too.

Review by Clare Stanley


have use netrecare for nearly two year and found the excelent with there deliverys and the helpfulness would recomend them to everyone who has animals and there cheaper then buying from thee vets even with postage on top as my cat has urinary tract disease thank sue

Review by Sue Smith


I have been buying Hills Feline CD diet from Nutrecare for several months. They offer a quick delivery service, keeping you fully informed if, on the rare occasion, an item is out of stock. They also inform you when your goods have been dispatched. Sadly, the CD diet has not worked for my cat, and he has had to have major surgery to correct a narrowed urethra. He's on the mend now and I am waiting to see what diet my vet now recommends. I will continue to use Nutrecare for whatever he needs.

Review by Jane Knight


Our cat has Urine Infection which the vet has suggested that we use Hills Prescription C/D feline dry cat food. The cat has never had a problem since and the service that Nutrecare give us really is excellent. We always buy the 10 kg bag as it works out cheaper. and the Frontline flea tratment is also cheaper...thank you Nutrecare

Review by Jeannette Bradford


My cat has been with me for many years, unfortunately when I took her to the vet as she was acting weird I found out that she was suffering from FLUTD. Needless to say that this did worry me. The vet recomended Hills Prescription Diet feline cd and I have to say that it surely works perfectly. I do not really understand how it works but I need to say that it does work. Shame the price from the vet was expensive, I bought my next lot from this site, much cheaper and delivered quickly.

Review by Nancy Lucas