Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Food

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Burgess Excel Adult Guinea Pig with Blackcurrant & Oregano 2kg

Burgess Excel Adult Guinea Pig Nuggets with Blackcurrant & Oregano is filled with all the goodness of standard Excel Guinea Pig but with added great-tasting ingredients to offer... [More info]

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Burgess Excel Adult Guinea Pig Nuggets with Mint

Burgess Excel Adult Guinea Pig Nuggets with Mint is ideal for providing guinea pigs with essential levels of fibre and Vitamin C they require on a daily basis, and helps promote your guinea... [More info]

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Burgess Excel Chamomile Herbage 500g

Burgess Excel Chamomile Herbage is a delicious, complementary food made from Timothy hay with Chamomile. Timothy Hay is an excellent source of Beneficial Fibre, maintaining dental health... [More info]

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Burgess Excel Dandelion & Marigold Herbage 1Kg

Burgess Excel Dandelion & Marigold Herbage is an extra tasty Timothy Hay with herbs and is a delicious source of quality, sweet smelling long fibre, suitable for all... [More info]

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Burgess Excel Dried Forage 1kg

Burgess Barn Dried Forage is a delicious pure, dried natural grass, which is dust extracted and additive free and has a higher nutritional value than hay. The gentle drying process seals in... [More info]

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