Frontline for Large Dogs 6 Pack

Manufacturer: Merial


Frontline for Large Dogs 6 Pack is for use in the treatment and prevention of infestations by fleas & ticks. Frontline for Dogs can be used on puppies from 8 weeks of age.

Apply every six - eight weeks to maintain flea cover. It is important to apply the dose to an area where the animal cannot lick off and to make sure that animals do not lick each other after treatment.

Ensure that treated animals do not groom each other after treatment until dry.

Dosage and administration: by topical application to the skin. Dosage 1 pipette of 2.68 ml per dog (approximately 7.5 - 15 mg/kg); follow the instructions on the packet for correct application.


I have an Afghan Hound and you can imagine the trouble we would be in if ever he got a flea infestation I have used this product for seven years and have been able to keep him clear of fleas for all this time

Review by Jennifer Caldecott


I forgot to replace this product and needed to treat my dog as we have used this product for thirteen years with no flea infestation whatsoever. It is a great product which works. My point is that I forgot to place an order with nutrecare and had to pay 40 for this at a well known high street pet shop, the price here is amazing keep up the good work nutrecare as I have told all my friends who have pets about this website and they all now get their supplies here.

Review by Susan Brown


I have used Frontline for several years now and have 7 Dogs 4 Shitzu 1 cross 1 springer and a German Shepherd at first buying from the Vets ( Very Expensive ) now from Nutrecare what a difference in price but not in the product as it is Spot On so to speak ha! ha! but it's True Nick Wilson.

Review by Nick Wilson


I have no idea how but my German Shepherd started having problems with fleas and I couldnt do anything about it in the sense that the products I was buying were either not working or working only for short periods of time. I did try a few and then came across Frontline Spot. Ever since that day the problems disappeared and never came back. I have to say I was quite impressed on how well this product worked as opposed to the others, which were definitely not as impressive. Although I am not an expert in any way, my dog is now happy and that is what counts. No more flea problems for me and him.

Review by David Jones