Advantage Flea Treatments

Advantage Flea Treatments are market leading flea treatments, each pipettte last 4 weeks and can be used on Cats, Dogs and even Rabbits safely. No presecription is required for Advantage Flea Treatements, just by the correct sized packet for your pet and apply monthly for continuous protection.

Advantage Flea Treatments remains effective even if the animal becomes wet after exposure to heavy rain, however it may well be wise to re-treat depending on the presence of fleas in the environment. In these cases do not treat more frequently than once weekly. Apply to you pet by parting the hair on the pet’s neck at the base of the skull and then place the tip of the tube on the skin and squeeze firmly several times to empty the contents directly onto the skin. Correct application will minimise the opportunity for the animal to lick off the product. Do not allow recently treated animals to groom each other. Do not treat unweaned kittens of less than 8 weeks of age or pet rabbits of less than 10 weeks of age. Advantage is bitter tasting and salivation may occasionally occur if the animal licks the product after treatment. This is not a sign of intoxication and disappears within a few minutes without treatment. In very rare occasions skin reactions such as hair loss, redness, itching and skin lesions may occur. Agitation and disorientation has also been reported. Advantage can be applied at the same time as you worm your pet.