Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Breed

Welsh Springer Spaniel Dog Breed
General Appearance:
The Welsh Springer Spaniel has a coat that is naturally straight, soft in texture, thick, and flat. It's weatherproof and provides protection from temperature extremes as well as briar bushes and thorns. There is feathering on the chest, underside of the body, and the back of the legs. The tail and ears have light feathering. Welsh Springer Spaniel's are medium sized dogs that are muscular and has drop ears. They have brown eyes and a black or brown nose. The Welsh Springer Spaniel's tail is docked or can be natural length.
  • Other Names:Welsh Springer, Welshie
  • Country Of Origin:Wales
  • Dog Group Kennel Club:Gundog
Dog Bitch
Size(cm): 48 46
Weight(kg): 18-20 16-18
Rich red and white
Welsh Springer Spaniels are attentive, friendly, cheerful, sensitive, and independent. They are intelligent and active, always willing to "spring" to your side. The Welsh Springer Spaniel is highly trainable, but must remain motivated in order to be trained. They are devoted to family, get along well with children as well as with pets. They get along with everyone, making them good watchdogs but not so good guard dogs. They are amiable and trustworthy companions.
They are quick, active movers, covering the ground with smooth, powerful strides.
Care and training:
This breed does not need a lot of grooming but the feathering will need regular combing, brushing and trimming. The ears should be trimmed regularly to prevent infections. Special care must be given during shedding. Bathing or dry shampooing should only be done when necessary. Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies need to be kept as close to people as possible for socialization. Obedience training and retrieval exercises can be started at six months of age. They have a tendency to wander and need training to prevent wandering. This versatile breed is eager to learn but can be headstrong. Training should be done with firmness, fairness, and consistency. They are honest dogs with true wills to please and because of their kind dispositions do not like harsh treatment.
Overall Exercise:
100 - 120 minutes per day. Welshies need plenty exercise! They love swimming and care must be taken to ensure their safety when water is about. They are ideal candidates for field trials.
Feeding Requirements:
The cost of feeding the Welsh Springer will not be more than £4 per week.
  • Exercise:High
  • Grooming:Medium
  • Noise:Medium
  • Personal Protection:Low
  • Suitability As Guard Dog:Low
  • Level of Aggression:Low
  • Compatibility With Other Animals:High
  • Suitability for Children:High
  • Often Docked?Yes
  • Average Litter Size:6-10
  • Life Expectancy (yrs):12-14
Health issues:
Hip dysplasia, cataracts, entropion, hypothyroidism, seizures and epilepsy
Related to the English Springer Spaniel, they come from the same stock. Hunting spaniels had existed in England since the Medieval times. Welsh Springer Spaniels are mentioned in the Laws of Wales as early as 1300 A.D. Hunters kept these hunting spaniels for flushing game. Theory suggests that the breed's forefathers arrived with the Gauls in pre-Roman times. Bred in Wales for more than 400 years, there is speculation that they were crossed between the Clumber Spaniel and some indigenous Welsh Spaniels. They are certainly related to the Brittany in some way. Until the 19th century this breed was unknown outside of Wales.