Manchester Terrier Dog Breed

Manchester Terrier Dog Breed
General Appearance:
The Manchester Terrier has a short, dense, glossy, smooth, and tight fitting coat. This breed, depending on variety, is either an average shedder or sheds little to no hair. The Manchester Terrier comes in two varieties: Standard and Toy.
  • Other Names:Black and Tan Terrier, Gentleman's Terrier
  • Country Of Origin:Great Britain
  • Dog Group Kennel Club:Terrier
Dog Bitch
Size(cm): 25.5-30.5 (toy) 38-40.5 (standard) 25.5-30.5 (toy) 38-40.5 (standard)
Weight(kg): 3-5 (toy) 5-10 (standard) 3-5 (toy) 5-10 (standard)
Jet black and rich tan or mahogany. The tan or mahogany markings generally appear on the muzzle, forelegs, on the chest, inside the ears and on the underside of the tail. They also sometimes have tan "eyebrows".
The Manchester Terrier is exceedingly loyal and a devoted friend to master and family. They display the true Terrier nature, are independent, and faithful. They do best in a home with older considerate children, and are not recommended in homes with other household pets. Manchester Terriers thrive on human companionship and are very demanding of attention from their family. They do not do well if left alone for extended periods of time or they will become bored, hyper, destructive, and bark excessively. Manchester Terriers have a lot of energy, are alert and will use their bark to let their owners know what is going on.
Straight, free and balanced with good-reaching forequarters and driving power in hindquarters
Care and training:
This breed requires minimal grooming. Occasional brushing will minimize loose hair. It is important to check and clean the ears and teeth on a consistent basis. This breed prefers warm climates but should not be left in the sun for any length of time. Bathe only when necessary. Manchester Terriers obtain their exercise in a small area, but do enjoy a good run. They should be socialized at a young age to prevent aggressive hostilities toward other animals. Apartments are fine for this breed as long as exercise is given. Early and intense socialization and obedience are absolutely crucial for the Manchester Terrier. They are eager to please and quick to learn. This breed does not respond to harsh or heavy-handed training methods or corrective discipline. Manchester Teriers do best with thorough firmness, fairness, consistency, persistence, respect, and patience.
Overall Exercise:
60 - 80 minutes per day. This dog, being an active little terrier, should have lots of exercise. They like nothing better than a long walk where they can get off the lead for a run.
Feeding Requirements:
The Manchester Terrier is an active and energetic dog, and needs to enjoy a nutritious and well balanced diet.
  • Exercise:Medium
  • Grooming:Low
  • Noise:Medium
  • Personal Protection:Medium
  • Suitability As Guard Dog:Medium
  • Level of Aggression:Medium
  • Compatibility With Other Animals:Low
  • Suitability for Children:Medium
  • Often Docked?No
  • Average Litter Size:2-4
  • Life Expectancy (yrs):13-15
Health issues:
Lens luxation, Secondary Glaucoma, skin problems and von Willebrand's disease (blood clotting disease).
Manchester Terriers were originally known as the Black and Tan Terrier in the 16th century in England, and have been referred to as such even today. At one time they were called the "Gentleman's Terrier", since Manchester was a poor town in England, this breed's name was not very popular. Though, later they were officially named Manchester Terrier in 1923. They were used as a ratter and a companion dog back then, and were extremely efficient at their job. Putting a terrier in a box full of rats was a popular spectator sport in the 19th century, especially in Manchester of northern England.