Logic Oral Hygiene Gel Pet Toothpaste 70g

Manufacturer: CEVA


Logic Oral Hygiene Gel Pet Toothpaste is a true veterinary toothpaste, achieves results without brushing your pets teeth.

Whilst brushing the teeth is known to be the most effective means of removing plaque, this is not always possible.

Logic oral hygiene gel contains a multi enzyme complex which works on the plaque helping to destroy existing plaque and prevent the formation of new plaque.

The gel also contains a mild abrasive, whilst the gel itself boosts the action of saliva. Supplied in a tube with applicator to allow direct application to the teeth.

Dosage guideline:
Cats and small dogs 1 cm of gel daily
Dogs < 20 Kg 2 cm of gel; dogs > 20 K 5 cm gel.


Good product which Rocky ,Jack Russel,seems to like the taste. It is the toothbrush in his mouth he is not so keen on! Logic is really good at controlling bad breath and also helps to control the build up on his teeth although it takes a lot of brushing to remove the scale totally.

Review by Roger Hinchcliffe


My 1 year old Lhasa would not let me brush his teeth at all and already had a biiuld up of whatever (yuck!) on his back teeth dispite being feed on dry food and given numerous dental chews etc. After just 1 week of using Logic Oral Gel his teeth are sparkling and no yuck! Amazing.

Review by Helen Stagg