Royal Canin diet canine Diabetic 12x410g cans

Royal Canin diet canine Diabetic 12x410g cans

Manufacturer: Royal Canin


Royal Canin Diabetic control canine diet has been designed to provide energy in the form of high quality protein, fat and complex carbohydrates. Insoluble fibre helps to slow down digestion providing 'bulk' benefiting the number of fibre responsive disorders. Soluble fibre acts as a nutrient in the large bowel due to it's fermentation by bacteria to short chain fatty acids.


Diabetes mellitus (DM)
Some cases of large bowel diarrhoea (of non inflammatory origin) normalising transit time and faecal water content
GI motility disorders
Colon cancer
Fibre responsive constipation 

How Royal Canin Diabetic control diet works:

Highly palatable, complete diet
Elevated levels of viscous soluble and non-soluble fibre in ratio most effective for supportive treatment of DM
Maintenance levels of high quality protein
Restricted fat content
Enhanced vitamin and mineral content
Enriched with antioxidant cocktail for high effectiveness


A few weeks ago, I noticed my Labrador is eating less and less but he always drinks water and urinates frequently as well. He had lost a lot of weight so we decided to take him to the vet. We were devastated to learn that our dog has diabetes. The veterinarian told us there is no cure for it and that left us all the more depressed. However, he taught us the proper maintenance for dogs that have this disease. He recommended royal Canin canine Diabetes control and now we can see that our pets diet is improving and he is gaining more weight. He is in a much better condition now.

Review by Ryan Woodhouse