Supplements for Cats

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M&C Geriatr UM Ageing Supplement for Cats 45 Tablets

Geriatr UM is specifically formulated for senior cats, who are showing signs of slowing down, fatigue and sluggishness. Geriatrum  contains essential vitamins and minerals such as... [More info]

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VetIQ Defurr-UM Hairball Remedy for Cats 70g

VetIQ Defurr-UM Hairball Remedy for Cats helps aid in preventing the formation of hairballs in cats and kittens as well as helping in the removal of any which have already been... [More info]

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VetUK Bladder Supplement Sprinkle Capsules

VetUK Bladder Nutriment Sprinkle Capsules are a complementary pet food to aid feline cat cystitis. Broken open and sprinkled over their food, VetUK Bladder... [More info]

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M&C Urinary Tract Care Feline Urinary Paste for Cats 70g Tube

Urinary Tract Care Feline Urinary Paste, formally known as UTI Paste, helps maintain a healthy urinary tract by providing a source of dl-methionine and natural cranberry extracts. Unique... [More info]

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VetCal Pro Gel Supplement 120g Tube

VetCal Pro Gel Supplement Tube is extremely palatable. To acquaint the animal with the flavor, place a small amount of VetCal in the animal's mouth. To provide supplemental... [More info]

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Cimicat Cat Milk Substitute 250g

Cimicat Cat Milk is a scientifically prepared milk substitute for cats of all ages helping to give cats and kittens a smooth, sleek fur and promotes good health. The ideal mothers milk... [More info]

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FortiFlora Feline Nutritional Complement for Cats and Kittens

FortiFlora Feline Nutritional Complement For Cats and Kittens helps support intestinal health and balance. Purina Veterinary Diets FortiFlora is a unique supplement that contains... [More info]

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Katalax 20g Tube Cat Laxative Paste

Katalax Tube Cat Laxative Paste is a palatable combination of white soft paraffin; cod liver oil and malt extract. Aids in the elimination of hairballs. For the on going treatment of mild... [More info]

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Kaminox Potassium Supplement 120ml Bottle

Kaminox Potassium Supplement Bottle is a palatable liquid nutritional support for cats with chronic renal failure or other disorders resulting from low levels of blood potassium. Before you... [More info]

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Aktivait Capsules For Cats (Pack of 60)

Aktivait Capsules for Cats is the first supplement to combine all nutrients necessary for sustaining optimum brain function during the ageing process.  As cats grow older the brain can... [More info]

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Synoquin EFA Joint Supplement Capsules for Cats (Pack of 90)

Synoquin EFA Joint Supplement Capsules for Cats builds on the innovitive Chondroprotective feed supplement, now with added Dexahan for ailing joints and mobility problems in older... [More info]

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Cystaid Plus Cystitis Glucosamine Capsules for Cats (240 Pack)

Cystaid Cystitis Glucosamine Capsules for Cats is administered where necessary to sustain the production of glycosaminoglycans in the feline bladder. Each Cystaid capsule contains 125... [More info]

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