M&C Urinary Tract Care Feline Urinary Paste for Cats 70g Tube

Manufacturer: Mark and Chapell


Urinary Tract Care Feline Urinary Paste, formally known as UTI Paste, helps maintain a healthy urinary tract by providing a source of dl-methionine and natural cranberry extracts.

Unique formation aids the management and maintenance of urinary tract health for your cat. dl-methionine and cranberry extracts act to lower the urine pH levels. Also contains taurine and vitamin E.

The paste can be mixed with food or fed from your finger of your cats paws.

Directions for daily use:

For Small Cats  (2.5kg) feed 1/2 teaspoon daily.

For Large Cats (5kg) feed 1 teaspoon daily.

This product is not suitable for kittens, cats suffering from oxalate stones or obstructive lower urinary tract diseases.