Feliway Travel Transport Spray 20ml Bottle

Manufacturer: CEVA

7.75 each for 2 or moreor 8.62 for one

Feliway Travel Transport Spray 20ml Bottle is a smaller and handier version of the Feliway Natural Spray. 

Feliway Travel Transport Spray is an essential handbag companion for any caring cat owner.  

Ideal for your holidays, travelling to the vets, or when away from home.



The truth is that Feliway Spray did wonders for my cats. I recently brought in a new cat into the home and there were quite some problems. I need to say that I warmly recommend it because of the results that happened in my case and I do not know if this is true in any other case, although I did speak with some friends when they were faced with the same problems as I did. They were reticent at first but as time passed they ended up buying the product and using it. Great results

Review by Marie Layton