Royal Canin Siamese Cat 38

Manufacturer: Royal Canin

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Royal Canin Siamese Cat 38 Dry.

Siamese cats are among the oldest breeds in the world. The muscular body and delicate bone structure gives a particularly athletic appearance. Siamese cats are active and temperamental animals, with a tendency to excess in all things.

A high protein content works together with L-carnitine and linolic acid to promote fat metabolism while maintaining muscle mass Fructo- and mannanoligosaccharides ensure good digestion and efficient nutrient absorption. Contains ergonomic kibbles, whose size, shape and texture are designed to slow down eating and promote optimum oral hygiene.


My oriental (Havana) loves these over every other dry food I've tried him on. They also smell great so I can understand why he loves them. He's not a big eater and gets wet and dry food but I can always hear him crunching on these throughout the day. Definately one to recommend and his teeth have improved greatly.

Review by Christina Fordham


I have a 6 year old Siamese cat and her appetite is very big. So I went online and looked for a cat food for my cat. And I saw Royal Canin Siamese 38 cat food and bought it. And the effects were wonderful. She never turns her nose up at her food anymore, and her appetite has greatly increased. This cat food is recommended for all the Siamese cat owners out there.

Review by Hayley Delap