Pro Plan Cat Food Sterilised Salmon and Tuna 3kg

Manufacturer: Nestle Purina PetCare


Pro Plan Adult Cat Sterilised Dry Complete diet for adult neutered cats; based on salmon and tuna.

Premium dry food with tuna and salmon, formulated especially for neutered cats. Neutering alters a cat's metabolism, so general energy requirements are lower.

  • Contains salmon and tuna, rich in delicious, highly digestible fish protein.
  • High acceptance rates, with 10% reduction in energy intake to maintain stable body weight.
  • High in protein, with 5% insoluble fibre. Carbohydrate content is reduced, regulating glucose intake - also beneficial for overweight cats, who often suffer blood sugar disorders. Helps reduce the risk of increasing build-up of fat deposits.
  • Balanced levels of essential minerals promote a neutral pH (6.3-6.6) to prevent kidney stones. Minimises bicarbonate excretion and helps maintain healthy urinary function in spayed cats, who run an increased risk of FLUTD.
  • Specially shaped, textured kibbles help reduce plaque and tartar build-up.