James Wellbeloved Adult Housecat - Duck & Rice

Manufacturer: James Wellbeloved

From 10.21

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James Wellbeloved Adult Housecat Duck is a complete diet designed for adult cats who spend all their time indoors.

Your cat uses alot less energy when it's inside all day but it is likely they will still have a good healthy appetite. James Wellbeloved Housecat contains all the required nutrients while at the same time contains less fat than standard food.

Additional Benefits:

  • Yucca Extract - helps to reduce stool odour
  • Natural Chicory Inulin - encourages beneficial bacteria in the gut
  • Cranberry Extract - Widely believed to be beneficial to the urinary tract
  • Taurine - An essential fatty acid for cats, supporting eyes and heart

The food also helps to promote a healthy and glossy coat with an additional blend of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.