Iams Adult Cat Light 10Kg

Manufacturer: Iams


Iams Adult Cat Light 10Kg Dry food contains animal protein (egg, chicken, fish), chicken fat and other essential nutrients such as carbohydrate, vitamins, fibre and minerals. Ideal balanced nutrition for all your cat's daily needs.

If your cat has been neutered, has low activity levels or gets too many treats, it's easy for excess weight to creep on. To check your cat's body mass, feel gently around the sides of the chest when your pet's in a standing position - if the stomach protrudes over the ribs, your cat is probably overweight.

If this is the case, Iams Light is the answer. Developed specially for cats with weight problems, Iams Light is a balanced food with complete nutritional value and reduced calorie content.

Iams contains no artificial colour, flavour or preservatives.