Hills Science Plan Optimal Care Adult Cat Food

Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food

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Hills Science Plan Optimal Care Adult Cat Food (Chicken) is suitable for adult cats from 1 to 7 years of age.

Hills adult cat food contains superior antioxidant formulation, is a high energy diet to reduce oxidative cell damage and maintain the immune system whilst meeting a cats energy demands without the need for large meals. Protein and sodium have been carefully balanced for good health, whilst the magnesium, phosphorus and pH are controlled to support urinary tract health.

Hills adult cat food is available in chicken, tuna, rabbit or lamb flavours an in various sizes; please use the selector box below.

This product is not recommended for kittens, pregnant or lactating queens. During pregnancy queens should be switched to Science plan kitten food.


My cat seemed to be very lethargic and she was never interested in her food. We kept on taking her to the vet because it seemed like she was always not feeling well. I was concerned that she might fall very ill and we will be helpless to stop it. My vet recomended a change in foods and suggested Hills Science Plan for cats. I looked online and tried a small bag to see if she liked it, I'm so glad I did she is much happier and brighter now. Great product.

Review by Mark Hudson


After going through many Hills Science products I also went for the Adult lamb product as my kitten grew. As expected, it kept my cat really happy at all times. Her fur looks great and she is always healthy. I would definately recommend this product to every cat owner out there. Also, I did try to change it at one point in time but my cat did not really want to eat something else and I had to get back to this one. I will never buy anything else again.

Review by Tara Nathan


We have one young, fit and healthy cat and one older cat who is very large! He has lost 1.5 killos over the past year on this food. A few complaints to begin with but we give them both this food (as he eats out of both bowls anyway) and they are in great condition. Highly recommended.

Review by Helen Lewis