Hills Science Plan Mature 7+ Active Longevity Cat Food

Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food

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Hills Science Plan Mature 7+ Active Longevity Adult Cat Food (Tuna) has been specially designed to keep the elderly cat in top condition by providing balanced nutrition with the delicious taste of chicken.

This food has a special kibble which is easier for an elderly cat to chew in addition to containing Hill's Superior Antioxidant Formula to support the immune system, controlled phosphorus levels for healthy kidneys, enhanced fibre for gastrointestinal health and Omega 3 fatty acids to support healthy joints.

  • Specially designed for cats over the age of seven.
  • Provides balanced nutrition.
  • Contains Hill's Superior Antioxidant Formula for immune system.
  • Contains controlled levels of phosphorus for the kidneys.
  • Contains enhanced fibre for gastrointestinal health.